It was 2008, a year just after the Great Financial Crisis. Lehman Brothers had gone down and like every other business school graduate, I was looking for a banking job.

Needless to say, it was a difficult time and I’ve learned a lot from the process which I’ve been able to apply for myself and use to help a number of friends secure job offers

Being in the cryptocurrency space is all about finding that token that can make massive gains, some believe that it would be the large coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Zilliqa and others think it would be the smaller, more obscure tokens such as Safemoon or Cumrocket that would give that x1000 return. In other words, we are looking for that next investment that can moon!

When Moon?

There are tens of thousands of cryptocurrency tokens these days with new tokens being launched every day.

The question then is how we identify a token that has:

  • massive upside for a windfall
  • sustainable…

For those who have followed my journey with GoCerberus, you would know that I originally “invested” into the token GoCerberus with the intention of getting some nice yields and getting out.

While I bought in at around 1.8 cents, the price started to creep down and down to about 1 cent upon which I decided it’s time to exit. Although there were some losses I felt better to exit before it drops more.

4,000% to 2,000% APY with Cerberus

4 days ago, I wrote about my experience with Cerberus Finance on how it was yielding a simple APY (annual percentage yield) of 4,000% and the risks I was looking out for.

Today I will be providing an update on how these risks have turned out.

A. 9% tax on each transaction: As always, the 9% tax remains.

  • 9% on buying Cerberus tokens,
  • 9% (actually 4.5% since it only hits one leg of the pair) on pairing it up,
  • 9% on staking it,
  • 9% on harvesting it,
  • 9% if I want to unstake it
  • 9% if I want to unpair…

Today Elon Musk tweeted CumRocket to the Moon in emojis.

Cum Rocket to the Moon

CumRocket is a cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain network and when the tweet came out, the price of the token shot up to the moon in the next few hours from 6 cents to 30 cents for a few minutes, a 5 fold jump.

This article sums up my experience with the Cerberus token, using the protocol to provide liquidity to earn from yield farming and the risks that I am watching out for.

7 days ago on the 27th of May, GoCerberus Finance was launched and RJH van de Kimmenade listed it as one of the defi protocols he was invested in.

Being curious I had a look and saw that by providing liquidity pairs of Cerberus-stablecoin I would be able to get an APY, annual percentage yield of 4,000% percent.

An APY of 4,000% would translate to 11% a day so in an ideal world, it would just require 10 days for me to recover what I put in


However, there are 3 risks that I am watching out for:

A) 9% tax on every transaction: Buying Cerberus tokens incurs a 9%…

Charles Lau

Accountant working in Banking looking at Crypto

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